Tattoo Machines

  I built my first tattoo machine in 2002 just to satisfy an urge. A few years later it really became a passion of mine .I spent countless hours experimenting with different designs and layouts, finding out what worked and did not. I spent a lot of time working with compression springs and designing machines around them. I was always motivated by designing my own designs rather than reproducing existing styles. I have several models that I believe to be unique in the machine world. Today I mostly concentrate on building high quality machines with there own unique character. I am not a high output builder and put a lot of hours into each machine. After a machine is complete I tattoo with it 6-10 times to assure it is adjusted correctly before it goes out to a customer. I do not do a lot of custom orders, rather I build designs that appeal to me and then make them available. Feel free to contact me at anytime to discuss anything about my machines. 




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